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Keely N. Lawson, DDS 


AWESOME! I fly 1,700 miles twice a year to see Dr. Lawson

Keely N. Lawson is an accomplished artist with a love of science who was inspired to harness her dexterity and artistic skills to create beautiful smiles. After all, it’s one thing to paint on canvas or carve in stone, but when it comes to the living face all other media are surpassed. Hereupon is the ultimate canvas to employ artistic skill; and what better way to enhance that art than to compose a beautiful smile?

Then again, they say beauty comes from within and that is certainly true of the smile. Or to put it another way, beauty without health is unattainable. Thus to beautify any smile, the first step to attain is oral health.

Good health is the foundation of beauty. With a strong foundation of good health it is only then possible to beautify the teeth. And if you think about it, dental work requires many skills, from precise color matching for tooth-colored bonding  and veneers, to the ability to sculpt, re-shape or re-size teeth that are too long, too wide or too thick. No two teeth are exactly alike in anyone’s mouth. Yet they must align and look good together. Putting it all together is the artistic skill of composition.

Moreover, teeth must do more than simply look good. They must function well. They must possess the strength to withstand tremendous bite pressure. They must last a lifetime and not be subject to catastrophic failure as people live into their 90s and more. They must be free of decay and the gums enabled to be healthy and free of periodontal disease. And therein is the science.

So in Dr. Lawson you have the best of both worlds — health-oriented science and the artistry of skillful composition.

Dr. Lawson has been a practicing dentist in the Dallas area for the past 22 years, having obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree was completed at the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston. She continued on to complete a General Practice Residency Program at Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York.

But there is another dimension to Dr. Lawson that goes beyond both art and science. Care.

Above art and above science, Dr. Lawson is compassionate about her patients and that care really shines through. She considers her patients as friends and the feeling is always mutual, a fact that reflects in the many patient testimonials. She is listed as one of the top dentists in Texas, while some patients have called her one of “the best dentists in the country.” That statement is of course hard to quantify, but it shows a measure of the enthusiastic respect and high esteem her work inspires, along with the results based on consummate scientific knowledge.

Dr. Lawson enjoys the dental profession and the opportunity to know all the wonderful people it brings into her office.

When you walk in, you are in fact experiencing Dr. Lawson’s considerable artistic skills wherever you look. She handled the interior decorating and even designed the building which was recognized in 2012 for excellence in Dental Office Design.

Her love of art is everywhere on display, with a large private collection of pieces decorating every wall. How many dental offices have you been to that double as an art museum?

From waiting room to operatories, her practice is warm and welcoming. It’s a place where you will be treated with professional skill and integrity, where you will feel comfortable and at ease.

One thing you will never find at her practice is someone who dreads going to the dentist. It’s simply impossible to feel that way about Dr. Lawson.

At her practice you will never find a spec of dust or a single item out of place. Dr. Lawson broke ground on the site of her Lancaster practice not that many years ago and it is still one of the most beautiful dental practices in DFW, easy to find and convenient from any direction or any part of the city.

All art depends for it’s impact on attention to detail. Without that, you simply don’t have art. Translated into the field of dentistry, that means every detail of your dental work done by Dr. Lawson is guaranteed to be precise so you teeth will not only look good, but function perfectly, like German engineering—another of Dr Lawson’s passions. As a maven for cleanliness and an aficionado for science and detail, you would be hard pressed to find a better dentist. Come visit us and see if you don’t agree.

I believe our teeth serve a function to help nourish our bodies. The oral cavity is a part of the body that allows us to experience a plethora of feelings through taste. The teeth, tongue and tissues all serve a purpose that cannot be provided by any other part of the body. The oral cavity is the pathway to health.

The bone and gums that support your teeth must be healthy in order for your teeth to be healthy. Where the bone and gums go, so go the teeth. Once the bone is gone the teeth will follow. It’s more than what you see when you look in the mirror.

My primary focus is to keep your mouth healthy and functioning properly.

If you are constantly in pain from decayed teeth or infected gums, you will find it difficult to function in your day-to-day activities. If you cannot masticate your food properly, you cannot properly nourish your body. If your body is malnourished that leads to the breakdown of the body.

My job is to educate my patients about the importance of their teeth and the connection between their teeth and disease. My job is to bring your mouth back to a healthy state. WHERE THERE IS HEALTH, BEAUTY WILL FOLLOW.

I want you to feel comfortable in our office. I want you to ask questions.

I want you to expect the best treatment.

I will listen to you.

I want the best for you.

See you soon,

Keely N. Lawson, D.D.S